10 Dec 2009


It’s our day

We never know

So, let’s celebrate today to the fullest

We were in tears
Sad at the losses

The day before
We were smiling with grace
Happy about good times

Further a day back
We were laughing with joy
Reveling in success

Further a day back
We were thrashing out the anger
Frustrated about lack of breakthroughs

But today
We are thinking about those days
With nostalgia and regrets

Life is so uncertain
There is no guarantee for anything

So, let’s enjoy every moment
That we live in this world
What if, we don’t get another day
To see all these beautiful things

We always say with sigh
Past was so beautiful
There is something missing in today

Don’t forget
The moments that we live in now
These are the ones
That’s going to be the past
Why should we forget to live and
then mourn about a glorious past?
So, let’s live today as if it’s everything

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