3 Jun 2010

Cycle Polo

I was walking with two minds
Whether to take left direction
Or just to maintain the trajectory
Walking past the bus stop
I heard chants from some kids
Brother, please retrieve that ball
I looked across the road
I found it in the middle of the road
I went and threw that ball back to the ground
I decided to go to the ground to sit for a while
I sat on the stand beneath that old tree
It’s an old dream hangout for me
I used to play and used to watch lot of games
Football and cricket
But it was a haven for budding cycle polo players
Over the years, I’ve seen many kids
Learning to roll the ball using their sticks
Riding their bicycles
This same ground has been a university
For many players who donned state and national colors
It staged many cycle polo tournaments in past
It’s an inspiration for many aspiring kids
I saw different groups of kids
Practicing cycle polo
Trying out their tricks to show off
At the middle, a group was competitive
They chased down the ball
Riding the cycle faster
Made some intriguing passes
Scored some goals
Saw some girls just passing the ball around
But it’s the young kids whom I watched
I saw the eagerness to learn
Trying to be balanced on the cycle
To move faster to pass and chase the ball
Two of them just missed a collision by a whisker
They acknowledged and kept on playing
I wondered when most of new generation kids
Aspire to play cricket, football, or some other sports
Which will yield them money or fame
The passion for cycle polo is still there
At least in this place
It’s not an easy game though
None of them fell once
They were always steady and
 Avoided each other’s path
Even when they were trying to block or tackle
Keeping a safe distance and speed
It still amazes me, how they manage to control
The cycles just like that right from childhood
One thing is sure
The future is bright
 Cycle polo will survive
Even though there are no glitz and glamour
Nor any big sponsorships to ponder
It’s just the passion that keeps these players going

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