16 Aug 2010

Barren Ocean

I found myself lost in a vast ocean
Devoid of a single drop of water
It looked like a haunted desert
With no trace of any life
I walked through the deepest channels
May be an undersea river
The golden sand gave the touch of sun’s fury
As my legs got the sun burns
I walked with a hope of finding an escape route
But I had no idea about the directions
So I kept walking through the channel
I was hungry and thirsty
All along, I saw the dried remnants of coral reefs
The remains of countless whales and sharks
And other small species
I saw the towering vessels of bygone eras
Full of treasures, history and skeletons
I wondered, what happened to this massive ocean!
I remembered my journey on a vast ship
For a holiday trip through the same path
How did I wake up on the naked floor of barren ocean?
How did the water vanish like a magician’s trick?
At distance I saw a glowing crater, may be a trench
I suspected it as a mirage for my deluded heart
But when I looked down to its depths
I found enough water to drink for a while
With nowhere to go, destined to end up as bare bones
I had only two choices to make
Whether to go as farther as I can by gambling on luck
Or to accept the cruel fate and end the journey
In the precious trench filled with a bit of water
I didn’t think twice
I just jumped down to the oasis of hope
With the freedom of a first time flying bird
Splashing away the agony by embracing the chilly water
I woke up from a barren dream

There are some dried up ocean parts in the world. Aral sea is an example. Also there is a patch of dried up sea floor in the himalayas. Visit thursday-13 & pleasantly-disturbed-thursdays- for checking out on other writers thoughts.Thanks. :) Image courtesy: Thanks to himalayanenfielder & thewere42.files


Brenda ND said...

Lovely poem and intriguing pictures. Thanks for sharing.

I am Harriet said...

What a fascinating photo!

Have a great Thursday!

Nithin R S said...

Brenda and Harriet, thanks for reading :) Have a great thursday !

Helen said...

Very interesting. Dried up sea floor in the HImalayas?

Do you know this joke?

Son: Where are the Himalayas?
Father: If you'd put things away, you'd know where to find them

Nithin R S said...

Helen it's not a joke. i read about after writing this poem. thats why i added that info in th bottom.

Helen said...

I'm sorry. I miscommunicated. I know you weren't kidding, but since I had nothing intelligent to add, I told you a joke about Himalayas.

JC Dude said...

Powerful imagery...thanks for sharing!

Nithin R S said...

Oops Helen, sorry iven't come across that joke before. Well, that's a nice one though. Thanks for sharing.

JC dude, thanks for reading :)

HisFireFly said...

Beautiful thoughts..

enjoy the drink!

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for reading :) Yeah, when it is tough to get a drop of water and eventually when you get it, that will be the most tasty drink you may come across in entire life.