23 Aug 2010


Dragging the life towards
An unknown path out of curiosity
Never presents pleasant journey
Gradual unveiling of shocking events
Encounters the mythical confidence
Rugged path and dodgy Samaritans
Outsources the act of terrifying for big sums
Urge of fighting injustice can turn fatal and ugly
Stay away from the corridors of crime, be safe !

This is written on prompt # "Dangerous" in onesingleimpression . Image courtesy : Thanks to dragoart .


John's comments said...

Eek. Interesting what I use to call a cross stick until I realised it was spelt acrostic. Duh! My Sunday Scribble

Nithin R S said...

John, thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Aniket said...

Well expressed..:)

Nithin R S said...

Aniket, thanks :)