9 Aug 2010


Dances like a four legged anywhere, while enjoying  
Runs like a three legged in rush to reach somewhere
Insanely sings aloud at midnight, causing big nuisance
No sentiments towards neighbors’ who are fast asleep
Kind enough to hurl abuses, if confronted with any fury

Feeble enough to fall down anytime while walking gingerly
Ends up sleeping somewhere unconscious but peaceful
Earns surprise wake up in the mornings sometimes
Boozing is an easy to learn, but hard to give up
Loved for their entertaining traits after drinks
Emerges as if nothing happened amidst ruins

Predictable antics on display after every session
Reserves lot of emotions inside heart unlike others
Eager to release all the stress into the sky of imagination
Drinks with devotion on all seasons, to celebrate or to mourn
Ill-fated past time that can turn fun into tears with deadly illness
Cruel passion that can run over the hapless pedestrians on streets
The cold-blooded alcohol runs through the veins, decides every move   

This poem is written on the prompts drink, feeble and predict for participating in threewordwednesday blog carnival. Images courtesy: Thanks to  images.webster-dictionary & catnkitten