11 Aug 2010


Kids are crying
As they are hungry
Elders are worried, but helpless
As the food prices are rising
Families can’t afford
Food at those exorbitant prices
As they struggle to earn enough
The bumper crop gives sorrow
To the farmers in the villages
As the hard-sweated efforts
Lies unwanted in open-spaces
Or stacked in rodent pested godowns
It rots right in front of authorities
Produce worth millions goes redundant
While millions suffer from hunger
Nobody cares to safeguard it
Nor care to distribute to the needy
Hungry remains hungry
While the grains become history

This poem is written on the prompt # hungry given by Miridunn. Submitted for participating in oneshotpoetry blog carnival. Please visit and read other poets poems. Thanks :) 


Brian Miller said...

gad you linked in to oneshot...nice poem...it is a travesty that anyone need go hungry...esp with the abundance of so many...and to have some spoil while waiting...ack. i have fed malnourished children...heartbreaking...

dustus said...

"Hungry remains hungry /
While the grains become history"
You state the sad truth in that, and through many other lines in this poem. Thanks for sharing your work. Powerful words.

Beachanny said...

You captured a deep frustration everywhere. Perishing food while millions starve. I grew up with the admonition to eat more because others were starving. It never made sense. How could my eating plenty help those who had nought? There are always hard times..but now we have high speed transport and communications. We're running out of excuses for greed. Good work. Thank you for posting.

Pete Marshall said...

a very powerful last two lines and very well stated....i have never understood the principle of letting it go to waste..this is a selfish act..as beachanny said with todays high speed trasnortation networks this shouldnt happen...oh yeah but then the oil barons get involved with the price of fuel required for transport..and once oil is mentioned in comes the power brokers to dictate whats best for them...kinda sad cycle of life isnt it..as children starve the rich get richer!!!! I ranted but thats your fault for producing a rant inspiring piece..thanks for sharing with one Shot..Pete

Nithin R S said...

@Brian Miller food left overs is also a big issue, when others are starving.Nice that you are able to help some.

@dustus Thanks for reading.

@beachanny Yeah i have heard this alot that you should eat as much as possible and not don't waste the food as there are people who can't afford. But there is a limit for anyone to eat.Cooking less is the solution.And giving the food to others will be much better for the cause.

@Pete Marshall i am glad that you reacted to this issue in a strong manner. Well the images of grains rotting in open storages has been disturbing me for long. If government procure and distribute it properly, its great. But unfortunately presence of middlemen, the transportation costs and other legal issues cause it to lie unuseful for long. To add salt to the injury, the farmers who produce this get minuscule amount for their efforts and they remain poor.I am talking about smalltime farmers, not big corporations.

Thanks to all of you for reading and leaving your insights.

PattiKen said...

"Hungry remains hungry
While the grains become history "

These are very powerful lines. It is criminal that so many go hungry while so much is wasted. Well done.