27 Aug 2010

St Beer

It smells yuck
It tastes bitter
But its divine drink
For die-hard followers
When the air is hot
It can quench the thirst
And silence the senses
Friends on couch
Snacks on table
Stbeer on glasses
Makes friends party
Cheers mate!
A cool company
During sleepless nights
Watching night games
With friends
Friends’ gives dares
Fellows gulp bottles
Of heavenly Stbeer
To prove mettle
In the end
After heavy drinks
It’s time for snake dance
With senses out of order
Walks like swaying snake
Even ends up with
customary vomiting session
Stbeer gifts big belly
For belly dance
Budweiser, Carlsberg,
Castle lager, Coors light,
Foster, Guinness,
Heineken, Kingfisher
Miller Lite, Sam Adams
Stbeer lives in countless souls
Partner for all seasons
Prayer to forget pain
For all those who love
Bit of fun

Well this poem is for all those who love beer. Drink less and keep yourself healthy. 
Images courtesy : alwayshungryny & rlv.zcache