3 Feb 2011

Dreaming to dream

I am day dreaming to dream
In this lazy afternoon
As I am getting bored
Waiting for the rain
It’s teasing me,
But hiding somewhere

Take me to Dubai’s islands
I wish to sail in those canals
To see the marvels
Weaved on the laps of sand 

Take me to "Theatre of Dreams"
I wish to sit at the Stretford end
Let me sing, “Glory glory man united”
While watching red-devils play liverpool

I’m getting deluded
I wish to travel in magnetic roads
I’m fed up with the gutters here
I want to ride rotor-less bikes
It will be sliding over magnetic fields
Like good old, Santa Claus’s deer sledge

I am sleepy
But where is my lullaby
Angels please take me to your heaven of dreams
I wish to hear you sing
“Baby sleep like an innocent cat”,

                                               Images thanks to google. :)

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