7 Aug 2010

Dreams a mystery!

How do the dreams come?
For what do they come?
Are they illusion?
Are dreams created by conscious mind,
to see the scenes that one likes?
Are dreams created by unconscious mind?

Are all the dreams good?
No, it couldn’t be!
Some may be beautiful
Some may be intriguing
Some may be nightmares

Are dreams mere imaginations,
 or mere fortunetellers of future?
Is there anyone who had never seen a dream?
No, there couldn’t be one!

Are dreams re-creatable?
Some dreams repeat itself in mind,
just like a haunting spirit.
The very thought about it generates fears or anxiety

Are dreams angels of heaven?
Does god send them to make everyone glad?
Are dreams devils of the hell,
sent to frighten and intimidate everyone?

Are dreams the jewels of mind?
Are dreams misguiding avenues,
 that takes one through unexplored paths?
Are dreams the craziness of mind,
to thrill itself with fun?
Why do dreams look like dramatic sequence?
Why do dreams make mind happy?
Are dreams for forgetting all the sadness?

Who sees the dream most?
Those who thinks a lot,
Or those who are too optimistic,
Or those who sleeps a lot, I wonder!

Do all the dreams come true in life?
Some does become true
Do dreams take one to the previous life?
How does one see the dead person on dreams?
Why does one talk to the self while dreaming?
Some may be living as if in life while dreaming
Are the dreams the movies directed by the mind?
Science of dreams answers everything
Yet it remains a mystery!

This is one of my old poems. Image courtesy : Thanks to shafferfineart


Anonymous said...

gud one

Anonymous said...

guud one

Nithin R S said...

thanks for visiting .thanks for the comment.

aspiring_x said...

a lot of interesting thoughts here! very cool!

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I wondered quite a lot about dreams for years. One day, i thought about writing it down. Well have a nice weekend.

Kenia Cris said...

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Nithin R S said...

I am doing well miss kenia. Hope you had a great weekend. Thanks for your invitiation. I would love to take part in these games. All the best for the event. :)