20 Jul 2010


It takes just seconds!
To get a spark,
An inspiration,
An excitement,
And some beautiful thoughts.
It takes some minutes,
To write those thoughts,
With worthwhile words.
Its beauty is revealed,
When some one reads,
And goes through the emotions,
That the poet went through,
It becomes splendid!
 Various meanings are derived,
When many people read it.
As with the time,
The value of those words
keeps improving.
Some moments of creativity,
That gives others,
A reason to think,
A reason to realize,
A reason to analyze,
A reason to get inspired,
Isn’t it a nice reason for a poet to write?
It may not yield money
But it wields the satisfaction
That lasts forever!

A poem dedicated to all poets in this world.


Maria Mcclain said...

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Nithin R S said...

Thanks for reading and your suggestion. :)

Carrie Burtt said...

Nithin this is such an inspirational poem!! I love it! Thank you for sharing it! :-)

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for reading. Thats what makes poems lively. Have a nice day. :)

Luisa Doraz said...

You sure do have a lot of energy. :) I love your words and your inspiration to us all. Thank you. :) Keep doing the wonderful work that you do...with a smile mow. :)

Nithin R S said...

Thanks. Well your poetry always make me smile. Well, have a rocking week. Enjoy :)

Shilpa said...

Tell me about the satisfaction. The one which can only be felt and cannot be described. Thanks for a beautiful poem!!- Fellow poet.

Nithin R S said...

Well, when you read and left a comment, as far as i am concerned, its a satisfactory result for my writing effort.As you said, it cannot be described. Thanks for reading :)

Julie Musil said...

Ah yes, I'm glad poets write poetry. What would we be without it?

Jingle said...

lovely word,
your post is full of wonders and talent.
keep writing!

Nithin R S said...

Julie and Jingle, thanks for visitng my blog. You too keep writing :)