13 Jul 2010

Green Pond

Rain subsided
Life is getting dry again
The days of sunshine leads me
To the nights of melancholic dreams
No more chilly winds and
Dripping droplets from nascent leaves
This wetland is getting barren again
A small patch is all that left
Devoid of human encroachment
Though surrounded by buildings 
A shall rain pond
Its surface looks as if painted green
With its layer of glowing algae
Resembling a thin grassland
Starting from the sloppy valley
Created by the heap of workshop waste
Ends at the basements of walls around
Three tree pits stands dwarf
Growing afresh with new leaves
They were razed down some months ago
There are no woodpeckers or kingfishers
Flying around
But there might be some fishes in the pond
Beneath its green belly
It never ceases to fascinate me
As I see this pond, re-emerging from dry patch
Aftermath every monsoon
Each time it takes different shapes
It will dry up again soon
It will remain idle, waiting for next monsoon
It’s a haven for mosquitoes now
Even though I wish to see, it dried up soon
As I don’t want bites from mosquito babes
Sweethearts who love my blood
I will keep this unusual green pond
In my monsoon memories

This is the 150th poem in this blog.A small landmark.
Well this is about a pond in my neighborhood that emerges periodically after every monsoon.


Luisa Doraz said...

Great photos. I love how you wrote your nice words to compliment your photos. :)

Nithin R S said...

thanks.. but i didnt write to compliment these pictures.. i wrote something i saw in real.