5 Jul 2010

Love to friendship

Hardest thing in this world is
 To be the friend of your love
When you know he is
 Someone else's life

It’s hard to control emotions
As Old Memories and dreams
Flocks the heart, giving
A sense of great loss

Every time when you see him
Heart craves for getting closer
Like the olden days
With nostalgic eyes

He conquered your untamed heart
Made you his beautiful princess
Filled dreams in you
About life together

Still you are there in his heart
 He wanna care you like before
 But from a distance
As a loving friend

This poem is written for a friend,some what in tandem with her tune.


Saumya said...

yeah..must be difficult...nicely put!

Nithin R S said...

Thank you.

Aulawi Ahmad said...

that's a difficult option bro :)

Nithin R S said...

Indeed bro.