17 Aug 2010

Outsider’s prize

Life turned out to be nothing more than a joke
When a demanding relation leveraged emotions
As if, every fault was committed by one sinful soul
Though two souls make a couple and a relation
All the efforts to save the nostalgic company
Went busting like the oil spill in a harmonious sea
As it became impossible to clean up the dirt
From the murky landscapes inside the hearts
As efforts got marred by thick layers of hatred
It turned out to be desperate fight to win a war
On a non-existent cause, as things turned out to be
A toothless foolish prank from an innocent lust
That did’t last the distance, as bubbles don’t last long
It had to burst with implications beyond expectations
As the rolling chair of lust moved to another direction
The clouds kept the sun away from the truth for long
Until it rained and revealed them through floods of tears
By then, time had healed the scars of horrible piercings
Over the senseless taunts, jealousy and deception
That caused clashes between multiple egos
With one trying to protect the much loved glorious prize
And the other one trying to snatch away the lost possession
In between these insane ego wars, prize lost its sheen
The desire vanished to the infinity while seeking peace
Remedy came in the form of fate as an outsider came in
With a claim on the prize with the support from around
Inevitable break-up and the agonizing loss welcomed
The helpless souls to a question, what did they achieve?
Nothing but tears, hatred to end up with nothing
As the outsider took away the prize with much delight!

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ThomG said...

There is much to like about this, the telling is agonizing, but needed. Great emotions wrapped in this.

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for reading. I found the prompt suitable to unravel something disturbing. It was a bit sleepy piece of writing :D