3 Oct 2010

Night and Rain : a perfect couple

This night
 Waited like a lonely  beautiful newlywed bride
To start the journey of new life with husband    
Yet slowly adjusting to her new home
Yet her heart brimmed with dreams
He showered down from the sky
Away all her fears and worries
His smile
Filled her heart with aura of belief
Her heartbeats
 Driven by her emotions ran like race horse
She shivered
As he walked in slow-motion towards her side
He overheard
The rhythm of her nascent heartbeats for him  
  His touch
Left her heart and soul frozen for a moment
She smiled
With a flavor of shyness of her entire life   
They embraced
For the first time with passion  
The souls as one forever 

Images courtesy : pritsky images2.layoutsparks


Aulawi Ahmad said...

nice analogy "night n rain" so deep meaning...

Jingle said...

lovely, the rain drops are vibrating!

Jingle said...


welcome to week 4 poetry potluck.

Nithin R S said...

Jingle. Thanks for reading and for inviting me. I was about to check for this week's potluck. I liked the concept.have a nice week :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely form - the single phrase followed by explanation. Beautiful thoughts; it's all about the love, isn't it? Thanks! I just joined the Jingle-rama too! Isn't she the best?
Amy Barlow Liberatore

Nithin R S said...

it's about the relation between night and rain, through the souls of a newly wed couple. thanks for reading :) yeah she is best!

Jingle said...

support us by visiting a few poets near your entry.
thanks for the contribution…

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Jingle said...


welcome to Rally week 30,
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Happy Thursday!

Shashi said...

Yes a perfect couple..and I love both of them.. the night and the rain...
I enjoyed reading the same...
What a beautiful imagery.. and the scene you have painted...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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Anonymous said...

Nice comparison, they go well together.

Anonymous said...


Tasha Sargent said...

Beautiful poem, I loved the analogy to rain

Rain - A curse

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