20 Jul 2010

Be Selfish

Be selfish, 
As no one understand your honesty.
You may be living in world of dreams,
With happiness and unhappiness,
Surrounded by friends and relatives,
You may be feeling so comfortable with that.

Just turn back and analyze,
What did you get, when it mattered?
Who among them came for your rescue,
when you were down with difficulty?
You will see the bleak picture!
You are alone when you are in trouble,

You love them all always,
Never want to hurt anyone,
Yet could hear some one saying,
 You cheated me!

You always had plans for others,
To give the best offers and benefits,
But, many don’t have the patience,
to reap the benefits.
Yet complains !

They listen to someone else’s jealous taunts,
Mislead,misguided and disoriented
 They comes after you with poisonous words,
To hurt you for your honesty,
by targeting your fragile emotions .

They will realize the mistake someday.

But, you change yourself ,
Be selfish,
Then you won’t be handling others issues!
Hence, there won’t be any hues from others.

Be selfish,
Get on with your life,
Sail it towards peaceand prosperity,
As sometimes you realize late,
That you didn’t reach anywhere,
After running after many things for others,
By then you will be alone,
Healing the wounds of regrets and despair!

Be selfish,
Those who touched the sky,
They did it with selfish dedication.
You are the only reliable support,
For yourself at any time.
You save yourself, before saving others!

There are some people who forget their lives by living for others. But they end up struggling with out any support in return. There are some-others, who get all the wrath despite doing everything possible for others. 


Amity said...

A poet I found here....:-)

Thanks Nithi for visiting my place...you've got a new follower in me!

Good morning and this poem you penned speaks so much about one's existence with the world!


Nithin R S said...

Thanks for visiting and following my blog.I liked your writings. Well, have a nice day ahead :)

Saumya said...

touching and so very true....i experience it myself...i'm hurt ..i cry and it continues....

Nithin R S said...

Well there is no point in crying. I wrote this 2 years back, when i faced a worst allegation. Since then, i am just placing myself from away from such situations. Well, best way is, to get on with the life than worrying about these kind of people.Well thanks for reading. :)