8 Jul 2010

Another Mom

As a kid, I was lucky
Being loved by people around
In my neighborhood
There was an aunty,
Younger than my mom was then
She and her husband was fond of me
As they didn’t had kids, then
She showered love on me
That could envy any mom
She looked after me like her own kid
Took me to her home, when she had time
Or I visited her when I missed her
Everyday, she used to feed me the lunch
With my favorite fried eggs of fish
I liked being with her
Since she cared me a lot
One day I called her “mom”
As I couldn’t differentiate her love
From my own mom
She was happy at that moment
Months later, she moved on afar
When she finally had her own child
She named him after me
May be in my memory
When I visited her once, years later
She was so happy
And I felt the same warmth in her eyes
Despite we didn’t meet for long
I haven’t seen her, ever since
But I feel, I have another mom in her
Some relations are unique
Rising from the bottom of hearth
With more depth than bloodily relations

This is about a lady who loved me like her own son.

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