16 Jul 2010

Cheer up

Dance to the beats of evening rain
Sing in tandem with the rhythm of inner soul
Tap the hands and spread the cheer
Drain out all the negative vibes into the sky
As you dance, watch out for new steps
Buy all the claps for brimming smilie in return
See the swirling moves of coffee vapors in mid air
See how the wind makes them dance to its tune
Watching from the sidelines will make you realize
That the jokers of life have to prank hard
To extract the bubbles of joyous laughter

I am late,but i wanna participate in pleasantly-disturbed-thursdays-vol-5


Aulawi Ahmad said...

mmm nice expression with dance bro, tq 4 share :)

Nithin R S said...

Thanks bro. Have a nice day.