24 Jul 2010


Noisy by nature
Under bad influence
Intrudes lives deliberately
Seeking all enraged attention
Arrogantly disrupts the harmony
Notching feathers of stained pride
Collecting heaps of delirious abuses
Elates at mustering the glorious ruins 

Prompt # 3 in Acrostic Only blog carnival. Please visit to check the other entries. Thanks. J


kavisionz said...

This was the most apt description ever!
Brilliant! :)

Luisa Doraz said...

I really enjoy this style of writing. You got it right on. Love the image. Have a great weekend. :)

Nithin R S said...

Kavisionz thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Luis, Thanks. Well, enjoy a great humorous weekend.

Amias said...

Nice beginning, welcome to Acrostic Only.

Nithin R S said...


Amity said...

what an apt description of nuisance..:)

Nithin R S said...

Thanks Amity.