13 Jul 2010

Summer: Two sides of one coin

A season of distress
A season of prayers
A season of anxious hope
As burning sun and his naughty games
Leaves everyone at their edge of irritation
As the droplets of water, vanish to the sky
In its new avatar of bearded clouds
Curses, thrown aplenty with painful agony
As the thermometers sore to new heights
Scientists and activists
Blames it on the shoulders of global warming
But, it’s the suffering season for all those
Living without the comfort of air conditioners
Or unable to escape to cooler pastures for vacations
While those who got the savings and riches
Packs their bags and moves to those greeny patches
To enjoy the lighthearted sunshine or enchanting rains
Or to embrace the winter in other hemisphere
They pass their time getting their exquisite
Tanned skins on those golden beaches
Sipping on those juices and cocktails of fun
Away from the sweat and fear of doomed days
The safaris take them towards the jungle
To show the final pieces of nature and animal left
While others wander in quest of entertainment
Glories in those casinos and other festivals
Learning the glorious histories and cultures
Romancing and pleasing lovers by shelling currencies
Yeah, it is the one side of a coin called life
A side of celebration at its envying best
While on the other side
Fields crack upside than any turning cricket pitch
Without the traces of priceless water
The dreams of another bumper crop
Vanished up to the sky right in front of their eyes
While tears rained down on to those fields
A helpless expression of discontent
As wells dried up, villagers struggled to fill their pots
With that precious liquid, vital for surviving
They travel the distances to bring the juice of life
Alongside those deserted highways
Crumbled animal skeletons lay in peace
Thirsty hearts crave for mercy of nature
They begged for cool breeze and blessing from heaven
A refreshing rain to quench
The deadly thirst of this biosphere
As heat waves kept taking away countless souls
To the gardens of heaven
This is the celebration of gloom and deaths
There is only a simple wish left, an end to this summer
Gruel some period of torture
But, it’s beyond the begging hands of sufferers
To control the powers of this nature

This poem is written for participating in Bridget Chumbley's One Word at a Time Blog Carnival . Please Visit and see the diverse thoughts on summer. 


Glynn said...

A powerful statement -- and one to sear our consciences.

Carrie Burtt said...

Nithin, this is such a wonderful piece. You captured the essense of both sides of the heat of summer in a vivid and unique way.

Nithin R S said...

Thanks for the comments.

Bridget Chumbley said...

Such complete opposite views... very powerful. Thanks for sharing.

Nithin R S said...

Well thanks to you for organizing this carnival. Your topics are very interesting to write on. All the best.

Chandrika Shubham said...

Views on both sides are depicted so beautifully. :)

Nithin R S said...

Thanks :) Well, for some people, summer is the ultimate time to enjoy,while for others, its a hard time to just survive.

Luisa Doraz said...

I can see with your words and style of writing that you enjoy you passion with a smile. :) Just have fun and keep it going strong. :)

Aulawi Ahmad said...

yeah i think this live always have two side, like good n bad. where the two side have the meaning based on they function...

Nithin R S said...

Doraz and Aulawi, thanks for reading. Have a nice day ahead.

Nithin R S said...

Yeah, i am enjoying my writing. Well thanks for the encouragement.